Stress can be caused by many factors.  Some of the things that generate or add to stress are rooted in our way of thinking, others stem from metabolic imbalances.  The funny thing is that one very closely effects the other, making it at times challenging to determine which is the primary cause.

The good news is that we have the power to relieve much of our stress by addressing both root causes.  For metabolically rooted disturbances and imbalances we need to look at many sub-factors.  Adequate sleep, healthy nutrition, proper hydration, and a good exercise program can miraculously decrease the stress that we experience.

Changing the way we think about life is another huge factor in greatly reducing our internal stress levels.  This is a tough one because many are very stubborn when it comes to this topic.  But no matter how right you feel that you are if you find yourself in frequent conflicts or regularly experiencing internal anger, sadness, or depression,  it’s time for a change.  It’s easy to blame others and circumstances for our unhappiness.  But it is important for us to take responsibility and learn to start making the choices that will lead to our lasting happiness.

It’s worth saying that both of these subjects are deep ones that could take up an entire book.  But there are simple things that one can start doing right away that can make huge positive changes.  Please contact the Reciprocal Energy Fitness and Self Empowerment Program for more information.

Also look check back for future articles on this and other subjects that can help us to live more fully.

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