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Personal Training and AccountabilityPersonal Training and Specialized Group Fitness with Skip Hicks

The obligation that one feels to be more responsible and give their best effort when working with a fitness professional combined with a sense of personal accountability can greatly improve overall consistency and results.

And of course we usually agree to pay for any product or service that adds value to our lives.   Making a monetary investment in ones fitness often heightens their level of commitment.

Personal training adds structure, motivation, learning, and accountability to one fitness efforts.

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Entrenamiento Personal y Responsibilidad 

La obligación que se siente para ser mas responsable y dar su mejor esfuerzo cuando uno  este trabajando con un entrenador  combinado con la responsibilidad que se siente uno  a si mismo le puede servir mucho para mejorar la constancia y los resultados realizados.

Tambien usualmente acordamos pagar dinero para cualquier producto o servicio que añade algo de valor a nuestras vidas.  Haciendo una inversión monetaria para el mejoramiento de la salud y el funcionamiento físico tambiense hace aun mas fuerte nuestro compromiso personal.

Entrenamiento personal añade estructrua, motivación, conocimientos, y mas responsibildad a los esfuerzos de uno para poder mejorar altamente la condición física.

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Fun and Variety


Even for the most disciplined an exercise program with no element of fun has a dim future. And of course the only way to get lasting results is to be consistent. Yoga, boxing, stability ball, elastic tubing, speed ladder, rocker board drills, free and machine weights, Olympic style lifts, circuit training, jump rope, focus pads, speed bag, medicine ball workouts, biking, rowing, walking, jogging, and running all offer effective training benefits. Discover this and more with Reciprocal Energy Fitness

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An extremely dynamic, scientifically based, educational, varied, fun, mind and body strengthening program for both men and woman.



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Pushing the body slightly past what its use to forces positive adaptive changes. Workouts should be challenging but not overwhelming. Of course the counter balance to properly measured intensity is adequate recovery. In our excitement sometimes we forget that our body and muscles need rest. Exercising without proper recovery will lead to diminished results, injuries, mental burnout, and sickness. Skip will help you find the proper intensity to reach the results you desire.

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Exercise specificity in this article refers to engaging in exercises that are going to help  maximize the results wanted for one’s individual goals.

Your best bet for losing weight and building muscular endurance is not body building training. And the way to create the most impressive, muscle size results is not endurance training. Remember you must train for your goal. A power lifter, body builder, and endurance athlete must train differently.

Most members of public gyms number one goal is to lose weight. Circuit style endurance training is a great way to burn the calories necessary to help create and maintain a weight loss calorie deficit.

Design your Exercise and Nutrition program around Your Goal. Reciprocal Energy Fitness.

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Technicians and Tools
It is important to understand and accept this technician and tool relationship between a client and their personal trainer. Think twice before blaming your trainer if you fail to reach your goal. One’s trainer will help to set realistic fitness goals and provide a sound strategy to reach them. A trainer’s is a fitness tester, client motivator, educator, accountability partner, and periodic result tracker

Most people cannot financially afford however to work with their trainer on a daily basis. And of course the trainer cannot follow you around all day to see what you eat. The power sessions with a trainer can greatly improve your results. But clients still have to work out on their own and be responsible for what they put in their mouth. The client is the technician. The trainer is a valuable tool.

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