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Thoughts, Words, and Actions.

Everyone has heard the saying “actions speak louder than words”.  What a simple but profound and timeless statement. Has anyone yet discovered however why it is that so often our actions and habits contradict what we say we want to experience or achieve?

This dilemma also plagues the world of health and fitness.  In the journey to improve physical fitness our attitude, self-image, lifestyle patterns, and beliefs must also be examined. Some of us start off with an enthusiasm level like a firework display which unfortunately ends just as quickly. Others struggle against self doubt, depression, and indecisiveness. Some of us are rollercoaster riders whose committment  constantly goes up and down.  Do we sometimes also conveniently excuse ourselves from our personal fitnesscare responsiblity under the pretext of being completely absorbed in the care of others?

For those that are happy with their fitness level and lifestyle habits, keep up the good work!  However if there are areas of health, fitness, and physical function that you would like to improve in let’s talk.

Skip Hicks / CFT

Reciprocal Eneergy Fitness

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Work your whole body using the stability ball as a portable, versatile, and effective exercise tool.  Here we see Susan H. using the ball as a portable bench as she executes supine lying tricep extensions.  It makes a lot more sense than lugging one of those other heavy bench around. What’s more with the ball her hips and waist are also engaged. But also the  ball can be used for at least a hundred other exercises.

Skip Hicks, who he is.. Become an active participant in a positive mutually beneficial energy exchange. Reciprocal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks.

Exercise Specificity.

Skip Hicks, who he is..

Reciprocal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks – What It’s All About!.

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