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Reciprocal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks

Become an active participant in a mutually beneficial energy exchange.


Skip Hicks delivers a check to the ADA

Reciprocal Energy Fitness trainer helps diabetes sufferers.


The Reciprocal Energy Fitness 2nd Annual Fun Walk, Jog, Run event was a great success. More than just a community recreational activity it was also a fundraiser that allowed me to deliver a cashier’s check of $250 to the American Diabetes Association. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one (the 3rd Annual) as well as other upcoming events from Reciprocal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks.

Using a variety of low cost and versatile tools one can perform both isolated and full body integrated exercises. Here Skip is shown doing an exercises on the stability ball that incorporates the legs, abs, shoulders, chest, and triceps.  When training clients Skip makes a point to show exercise beginning to advanced progressions, special needs modifications, optimization details, and potential risks.

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