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Get Paid Cash Have Fun

Get Paid Cash – Fun Run Race Monitors

Come on out for a great time and earn a little extra cash. This is a super easy two hour job of giving out directions and bottled water to runners, walkers, and joggers as they go by. Each race monitors will receive cash, a snack an event t-shirt, and a certificate.  After an hour and fifteen minutes race monitors will collect signs and head back to the finish line where they are welcome to enjoy in the event end celebration. Profits from this small community annual event will be donated to help diabetes sufferers



Rock and Hold Ab Program. Reciprocal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks.

Rock and Hold Ab Program. Reciprocal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks.



Please LIKE this post to help promote a healthier more fit world that knows how to take action towards protecting their health while they still can. Let’s support Cori and the other Ab-Attacks challengers.

This fitness program is both a philanthropic and marketing effort to reach and help individuals on a mass scale utilizing our modern day high technology devices. Whether you are a recreational sports enthusiast, someone wanting to lose weight, or you would just like to get into better shape, this program can help. Be involved in the Ab-Attacks program also gives you the chance to help others through collective wide area group motivation.


Find out more about this exciting and innovate program that is helping many people get in shape and feel better by combining exercise, good will, and modern technology. Just text “(Your Name) info ab attacks” to: 408 413 9630.

Third Annual Reciprocal Energy Fitness Fun Run, Walk, and Jog

Third Annual Fun Run, Walk, and Jog Event from Reciprocal Energy Fitness.

Get ready for the Third Annual 5k / 10k Fun Run, Walk, Jog Event by Skip Hicks and Reciprocal Energy Fitness. This Super Fun Fitness Fest will take place on Saturday, September 27, 2014. Register today at:

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