Abdominal muscles are important to breathing efficiency and trunk stability. One’s waistline circumference is also considered to be a significant indicator of one’s current health as well as their risk for developing a number of chronic diseases.

Bringing down one’s weight as well as their waist to hip ratio generally requires healthy eating, limiting alcohol intake and a smart exercise plan. In some cases a doctor may need to monitor this process as well as administer the appropriate medication.

In so far as exercise goes however both cardio and resistance / strength training should be applied. So in regards to strength training let’s start off by talking about one of our most important muscles, the abs.

Reciprocal Energy is Electrifying Abdominal Workouts

Ease into Excellence and Electrify Those Abs.

The abs are a muscle where even a small amount of exercise can make a big difference. What’s more if the intensity is properly varied one can work the abs every day. Now it is not necessary to work the abs every day just to keep them strong. But if your goal is to build discipline and a consistent habit as well as body conditioning through the daily practice of a non-overwhelming time economical exercise why not start with a one minute minimum per morning commitment.

Because of the abdominal fiber tissue makeup they can be worked every day without suffering the effects of over training as long as the intensity of the workouts is properly balanced, i.e. light day, light day, challenge day. The light days are to establish and maintain a consistent flow and mindset.

Keep in mind that the discipline and health focus being created here will spill over to other parts of ones life and of course will have to be applied to one’s eating habits.

Education, decisiveness, determination, prayer, and meditation will be your strong allies in your quest for a healthier life. You can reach great heights through the application of small but progressive and consistent steps.

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