Reaching a healthy and ideal body weight is challenge for so many of us today. Generally there are three types of body weight reduction that can occur. One can lose water weight, muscle, or body fat.

Aside from those that suffer from water retention issues, I think that is safe to say the majority of us are interested in losing and keeping off excess body fat.

To achieve this goal many experts say that the amount and kinds of foods that we eat in conjunction with how active we are tend to be the biggest determining factors of ones weight.  In studying for and attaining many fitness certifications I have been told repeatedly that that simply put weight loss in its purest form comes down to energy in (food and alcohol consumption) versus energy out (our basal metabolic rate and our activities).

Take noted however that some scientists and researchers have indicated that hormonal reactions to foods also play a significant role in establishing ones body weight. Other researchers state that body inflammation brought about by certain foods that upset an individuals healthy PH balance can lead to obesity as well as many chronic diseases.

Now let’s take a look at what is an ideal weight and how much weight one can lose safely.  There are different charts and formulas that indicate how much one should ideally weigh based on ones height or other factors.  One of the most popular measuring guides is the BMI (body mass index).  This formula is based on one weight in kilograms multiplied by their height in centimeters squared.  Many experts say that with a properly balanced healthy diet and moderate regular exercise one can safely lose between 1 to 3 pounds of fat per week.

Recently however a fitness author, personal trainer, and proclaimed expert is saying that with his system individuals can safely lose up to twenty pounds in three weeks.


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Anyone that is beginning a new meal plan or exercise regiment should first consult with their physician!