Reciprocal Energy Fitness is a special program  created by Fitness Trainer Skip Hicks.  Skip believes that studying and passing the exams in nutrition and exercise science in order to become certified is an essential first step towards a successful career in Personal Training.

Quality fitness training however is both a science and an art.  An artist must understand the primary colors and how to use his/her canvass and brushes before attempting to create a work of art.  But this is just the beginning.  A top trainer like an artist must be committed to continually learning, and refining and improving his skills.

Being creative and adaptable are sometimes overlooked but important ingredients in providing quality personal training.  It’s not one size fits all. And of course having gained insights into human behaviour along with goal setting and achievement strategies arms Skip with the tools needed to help clients to get lasting results.

Reciprocal Energy Fitness is a dynamic, creative, and effective fitness, and personal empowerment program.  Special emphais is placed on weight management, developing cardio competency and strong muscles, as well as movement flexibility, coordination, and agility.  Most importantly however is that RE Fitness training  helps individuals to become stronger, more confident, and happier.