a Sudorific Circuit Group Fitness combines a creative, challenging, and fun mixture of Cardio, Muscular Resistance, and Flexibility Exercises.

Sudorific Circuit Group Fitness training is an awesome program that is growing in popularity every day. This results oriented program is designed to help individuals get in shape quickly. Trim excess fat while strengthening the heart and lungs, and building a strong lean and muscular physique.

Sudorific Circuit Sessions consists of strings of exercises organized in intervals of safely pushing personal limits followed by short active rest periods.  Experience a constant mixture of creative and traditional exercises using portable and highly versatile tools. Spin bike drills, push ups, stability ball dumbbell chest presses, crunches, ball crawls and resistance tube rows are among the multitude of Sudorific Circuit Group Fitness exercises.

Sudorific Circuit Group Fitness training is most definitely a program like no other. Find out if it’s what you have been looking for.  One can also combine this dynamic group training with one on one weight management and fitness training provided by Skip Hicks. Skip is a well-known, highly experienced, and multi-certified personal and group fitness trainer.

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