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Rock and Hold Ab Program. Reciprocal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks.

Rock and Hold Ab Program. Reciprocal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks.



Please LIKE this post to help promote a healthier more fit world that knows how to take action towards protecting their health while they still can. Let’s support Cori and the other Ab-Attacks challengers.

This fitness program is both a philanthropic and marketing effort to reach and help individuals on a mass scale utilizing our modern day high technology devices. Whether you are a recreational sports enthusiast, someone wanting to lose weight, or you would just like to get into better shape, this program can help. Be involved in the Ab-Attacks program also gives you the chance to help others through collective wide area group motivation.


Find out more about this exciting and innovate program that is helping many people get in shape and feel better by combining exercise, good will, and modern technology. Just text “(Your Name) info ab attacks” to: 408 413 9630.

Rock My ABS... Rock and Hold... AB-Attack Phase II.

Rock My ABS… Rock and Hold… AB-Attack Phase II.

Get over the Bad Bothersome Belly Blues. Let’s get moving.  It’s time to pay our dues. This is for women, men, the young and the old. Skip Hicks and Reciprocal Energy Fitness are going to show you how to Rock and Hold!

Register to become part of a mass fitness movement where participants will motivate and inspire each other.  Our final goal is a smaller but stronger abdominal area.

This is a 28-day challenge which requires a daily commitment to perform and report your completion of at least one minute of abdominal exercise.

Media recognition will be given for noteworthy efforts and results. Motivational messages, status reports, and the Rock and Hold video will be sent to your smart phone.

There will be an in-house registration event at Reciprocal Energy Fitness on Monday, June 2, 2014. You can also register electronically by texting: “(Your Name) RockMyAbs” to 408 413 9630.

Tell all of your friends, family, and associates.  This is a FREE Wide Area Network health and fitness event. It does not matter what United States city or state you happen to be in. Anyone 18 years or older can participate.

Text messaging capability required.  One should consult their physician before starting any new exercise program.

Helen Fortman

I AM WO HAPPY… AB-Attack Phase One Waistline Reducion Health Movement by Skip Hicks

A One Minute Investment

One Minute Makes a Big Difference

Try out the Fitness Spin Cycle hybrid workout of fast moving full body exercise circuits. This amazing program offered currently in Milpitas, CA is growing rapidly in popularity.  This is one of the best weight management, cardio and endurance strength fitness prorams you will ever experience.

For more information contact Reciprocal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks. 408 413 9630



Achievement Nutrition for the Soul

Reciprocal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks focuses on physical fitness and personal empowerment.

Spiritual Nutrition and Physical Health

Using a variety of low cost and versatile tools one can perform both isolated and full body integrated exercises. Here Skip is shown doing an exercises on the stability ball that incorporates the legs, abs, shoulders, chest, and triceps.  When training clients Skip makes a point to show exercise beginning to advanced progressions, special needs modifications, optimization details, and potential risks.

Fun and Variety


Even for the most disciplined an exercise program with no element of fun has a dim future. And of course the only way to get lasting results is to be consistent. Yoga, boxing, stability ball, elastic tubing, speed ladder, rocker board drills, free and machine weights, Olympic style lifts, circuit training, jump rope, focus pads, speed bag, medicine ball workouts, biking, rowing, walking, jogging, and running all offer effective training benefits. Discover this and more with Reciprocal Energy Fitness

408 413 9630

An extremely dynamic, scientifically based, educational, varied, fun, mind and body strengthening program for both men and woman.



Get In Shape and Experience the Difference
Reciprocal Energy Fitness. R.E.A.L. Results!


Pushing the body slightly past what its use to forces positive adaptive changes. Workouts should be challenging but not overwhelming. Of course the counter balance to properly measured intensity is adequate recovery. In our excitement sometimes we forget that our body and muscles need rest. Exercising without proper recovery will lead to diminished results, injuries, mental burnout, and sickness. Skip will help you find the proper intensity to reach the results you desire.

Reciprocal Energy Fitness 408 413 963


Technicians and Tools
It is important to understand and accept this technician and tool relationship between a client and their personal trainer. Think twice before blaming your trainer if you fail to reach your goal. One’s trainer will help to set realistic fitness goals and provide a sound strategy to reach them. A trainer’s is a fitness tester, client motivator, educator, accountability partner, and periodic result tracker

Most people cannot financially afford however to work with their trainer on a daily basis. And of course the trainer cannot follow you around all day to see what you eat. The power sessions with a trainer can greatly improve your results. But clients still have to work out on their own and be responsible for what they put in their mouth. The client is the technician. The trainer is a valuable tool.

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