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Dyanee Headley - AB Attack Challenger

Waistline Reduction Health Movement

Check out the Waistline Reducion Health Movement and the AB-Attack Challenge.

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Linda Ryan - World of Woman Warriors    Linda Ryan, one of the AB-Attack challengers is a True Woman Warrior



We have the ability to make each other stronger.  Get in shape and be a powerful positive influence to help others.  I recognize just how important you are in this energy exchange. Do you? Let’s talk.  Call for a Free Consultation. 408 413 9630 


Reciprocal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks
Get in Shape and Discover the Champion You Are

A One Minute Investment

One Minute Makes a Big Difference

Try out the Fitness Spin Cycle hybrid workout of fast moving full body exercise circuits. This amazing program offered currently in Milpitas, CA is growing rapidly in popularity.  This is one of the best weight management, cardio and endurance strength fitness prorams you will ever experience.

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Reciprocal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks is a great program that promotes a balanced holistic approach to fitness.  Clients receive an initial assessment to see how their current fitness level compares to established norms.

Exercise recommendations are then given focusing on cardio competency, strength development, and flexibility improvements.  Clients also receive expert instruction in proper form and exercise execution using a variety of tools.

Skip additionally provides clients with goal attainment counseling and strategies to help ensure their success.

Nutritional counseling and monitoring is another important part of the Reciprocal Energy Fitness program.

Check out Reciproal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks.

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Achievement Nutrition for the Soul

Reciprocal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks focuses on physical fitness and personal empowerment.

Spiritual Nutrition and Physical Health

Please let people out there know how exercise and healthy nutrition have made your life better. Add your comments here!
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