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Skip Hicks was Voted Number One Personal Trainer In Milpitas again in 2014!

Reciprocal Energy Fitness.

Skip Hicks was voted as the best fitness trainer in MIlpitas for 2014!

Skip Hicks… Voted Best Trainer in Milpitas in 2014!

Skip Hicks of Reciprocal Energy Fitness and the Waistline Reduction Health Movement challenge you to take the dare and show that you care.  If you really want to be fit you have to commit. But know that you are not alone.  Get up re-commit and Do It every day. There will be other who will help you along the way… that you care and take the dare... Commit to BE Fit.

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Reciprocal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks is a great program that promotes a balanced holistic approach to fitness.  Clients receive an initial assessment to see how their current fitness level compares to established norms.

Exercise recommendations are then given focusing on cardio competency, strength development, and flexibility improvements.  Clients also receive expert instruction in proper form and exercise execution using a variety of tools.

Skip additionally provides clients with goal attainment counseling and strategies to help ensure their success.

Nutritional counseling and monitoring is another important part of the Reciprocal Energy Fitness program.

Check out Reciproal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks.

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Fun and Variety


Even for the most disciplined an exercise program with no element of fun has a dim future. And of course the only way to get lasting results is to be consistent. Yoga, boxing, stability ball, elastic tubing, speed ladder, rocker board drills, free and machine weights, Olympic style lifts, circuit training, jump rope, focus pads, speed bag, medicine ball workouts, biking, rowing, walking, jogging, and running all offer effective training benefits. Discover this and more with Reciprocal Energy Fitness

408 413 9630

An extremely dynamic, scientifically based, educational, varied, fun, mind and body strengthening program for both men and woman.


Technicians and Tools
It is important to understand and accept this technician and tool relationship between a client and their personal trainer. Think twice before blaming your trainer if you fail to reach your goal. One’s trainer will help to set realistic fitness goals and provide a sound strategy to reach them. A trainer’s is a fitness tester, client motivator, educator, accountability partner, and periodic result tracker

Most people cannot financially afford however to work with their trainer on a daily basis. And of course the trainer cannot follow you around all day to see what you eat. The power sessions with a trainer can greatly improve your results. But clients still have to work out on their own and be responsible for what they put in their mouth. The client is the technician. The trainer is a valuable tool.

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